Meet Greg Brophy, a Coloradan Who Isn’t Tom Tancredo

by Jim Geraghty

Meet Greg Brophy, a fourth-generation Coloradan, candidate for governor, veteran state senator, hunter, cyclist, melon farmer, Prius driver, and not Tom Tancredo.

“We now have a gun-control governor,” Brophy said of laws that limit ammunition magazines to 15 rounds and require universal background checks on all gun sales and transfers. “They passed the most extreme gun-control measures ever seen in the Rocky Mountain West.”

At one point in his remarks, Brophy, who has represented his sprawling eastern Colorado district in both the state House and Senate, brandished a large-capacity magazine he legally obtained from the manufacturer Magpul, which plans to leave the state with the passage of the new laws.

“Instead of limiting the capacity of ammunition magazines, we will work to increase the capacity of our highways,” Brophy said. “We will increase the number of charter schools and magnet schools.”

Sunday’s campaign kickoff was the first event on a four-day swing across Colorado where Brophy will meet with voters.

As mentioned, Brophy is not the Tom Tancredo who left the GOP to run as a Constitution-party candidate for governor in 2010, who garnered 36 percent in a three-way race against John Hickenlooper, the current incumbent Democrat, who finished with 51 percent. Tancredo has reregistered as a Republican and announced a gubernatorial bid in June.

With an image like this one on his campaign website, do you think Brophy thinks the gun issue is going to be big in Colorado next year?

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