Bad Timing for Detroit’s ‘America’s Comeback City’ Ads, Huh?

by Jim Geraghty

Department of Bad Timing:

After five years of virtual silence during the region’s economic free fall, Detroit is on the verge of mounting a major marketing push to reestablish the city as a host of state and national meetings and conventions.

“Detroit, America’s Great Comeback City” will be the tagline for the new campaign, to launch around July 1 with national TV, radio and print ads, plus social media outreach. It’s the first national sales pitch in five years, but this time it’s built on existing momentum, including a 68% increase in hotel night stays from 2011-2012.

There’s also the $300-million expansion and upgrade of Cobo Center to brag about and some impressive already-booked business to build upon.

Maybe the “Help Us Come Back City”?

The Campaign Spot

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