Tom Cotton: I’ll Stand Up to Obama or Leaders of My Own Party

by Jim Geraghty

Republican Rep. Tom Cotton, a National Review favorite, is officially running for Senate in Arkansas and just posted his first ad – emphasizing his small-town roots, learning “true grit,” and his acceptance of the label as “a young man in a hurry.” He emphasizes his willingness to stand up to both Barack Obama and the leaders of the GOP.

Here’s how Jay Nordlinger described him in a 2012 profile:

Tom Cotton is a Republican’s dream, and, for many Democrats, a nightmare. Here is his bio, in brief:

Born and raised in rural Arkansas. Harvard College. Harvard Law School. Is profoundly affected by 9/11. Resolves to join the military. Is advised to serve in the JAG Corps. Refuses. Is trained as an Army Ranger. Leads troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. Is now running for Congress: a young, brainy, broadly educated, likable, down-home war veteran.

Bob Costa laid out how Cotton is leading the right flank of the GOP on immigration; Eliana Johnson examined his fundraising.

Cotton is, so far, the only Republican running against incumbent Democrat Mark Pryor.

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