Terry McAuliffe, Virginia Residency & Authenticity Cop

by Jim Geraghty

Today Virginia’s candidates for governor met on stage once again this morning. 

Democrat Terry McAuliffe’s toughest moment came when asked about the Bi-County Parkway, a proposed project that aims to alleviate traffic in Prince William and Fairfax counties. At the end of a long, meandering, awkward answer explaining why he didn’t have a position yet, McAuliffe asked moderator Derek McGinty, anchor for WUSA, the Washington, D.C. CBS affiliate, if he lived in Virginia.

McGinty said he didn’t live in Virgina, “but have to drive there frequently.” McAuliffe urged him to move to Virginia, and McGinty responded, “I’ll move there when I know about the Bi-County Parkway.”

McAuliffe roared with laughter. “Fair enough. That’s good.”

The notion that Terry McAuliffe could give anybody else grief about ties to D.C. is pretty rich — after all, he’s the former finance chair of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, as former finance chairman for the Dick Gephardt for President 1988 campaign, as former national finance chairman and then national co-chairman of the Clinton-Gore campaign, and as former chairman of the Democratic National Committee. Oh, and his work on the board of Federal City National Bank in Washington, D.C., in the 1980s.

As he puts it, he merely “spent more time with Al Gore than with my own wife in 1993” as chairman of the DNC’s Business Leadership Forum.


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