After Vacation, President Obama Will Focus on the Tough Issues

by Jim Geraghty

Absolutely brutal schedule for the president upon his return from his vacation on Martha’s Vineyard:

The Miami Dolphins team that achieved the only perfect season in NFL history will be honored by the White House next Tuesday, more than 40 years after its accomplishment.

President Obama will welcome the 1972 Dolphins for the first White House ceremony honoring the only team to go 17-0. Pro Football Hall of Fame coach Don Shula plans to accompany players from the team to the event.

Huh? It’s an event that was 41 years ago, not even an anniversary year. The president isn’t hunting for votes in South Florida. He’s not even a Dolphins fan. Just why is the president doing this?

Imagine how ridiculous this would look if the country weren’t currently enjoying such a golden age of peace and prosperity.

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