So When Does ‘Attack Watch’ Turn Its Guns on Reggie Love?

by Jim Geraghty

Some days, the Morning Jolt just comes together naturally: Jesse Jackson Jr.’s lawyer blames his crimes on mental illness, Keith Olbermann calls former employer Al Gore a “clod,” Egypt finds a way to get worse, and, of course . . . 

So When Does ‘Attack Watch’ Turn Its Guns on Reggie Love?

So, White House . . . is Reggie Love telling the truth about Obama’s activities on the night of the Osama bin Laden raid, or not?

Reggie Love, the president’s “body man” or personal assistant, said Mr Obama played around 15 games of Spades as he waited for the US Navy Seals to descend on the terror leader’s compound.

While many of his top security officials were hunkered in the White House’s Situation Room monitoring events in Pakistan, Mr Obama waited in a private dining room, according to Mr Love.

“Most people were like down in the Situation Room and [Mr Obama] was like, ‘I’m not going to be down there, I can’t watch this entire thing,’” Mr Love told an audience at UCLA. “We must have played 15 games of spades.”

A little detail:

The “entire thing” lasted around 220 minutes — about 180 minutes of which consisted of helicopter rides to and from the compound, during which nothing was really happening. Sources (a.k.a. people who have played spades) tell Daily Intelligencer that a hand of spades lasts around ten minutes, so fifteen hands would take approximately 150 minutes. So while the timeline is unclear, Obama wasn’t necessarily playing cards upstairs during any of the exciting parts.

Looks like their preferred strategy is to ignore this story and hope it goes away:

The White House did not immediately confirm Mr Love’s account and a video of his talk at UCLA was removed from Youtube as news outlets began to report on the comments.

However, Mr Obama is known to be a keen card player and often whittles away hours on Air Force One playing poker and other games with a close circle of male staffers.

Mr Love, a 6′4 former college basketball player, joined Mr Obama’s senate office in 2007 and was a constant presence at his side through the first presidential campaign.

He remained the President’s body man until November 2011, when he returned to business school.

I can’t wait until they start insisting that the president’s closest personal aide for many years is a pathological liar, attempting to smear Obama’s good name. The vast right-wing conspiracy knows no bounds!

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