Could NBC’s Hillary Docu-Drama End Up Canceled?

by Jim Geraghty

This is an interesting, if unconfirmed, rumor:

NBC sources tell FTVLive that the NBC suits have figured the Clinton miniseries “just isn’t worth it.”

Word is that NBC is going to let it quietly go away without saying a word.

NBC does not want to make it look like the RNC or their own news people “got [their] way,” so the project will likely die in the “in development” stage.

One NBC source told FTVLive that the miniseries has gone from a 90% “go” to more like a a 60% “No go.” 

If this scenario comes to pass, doesn’t Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus suddenly become a hero to the GOP grassroots, as “The Guy Who Got the Hillary Biopic Canceled”? Or would the comments from Chuck Todd, Andrea Mitchell, and Robert Gibbs be considered bigger factors?