Do Democrats Still Think the NRA’s Clout Is a Charade?

by Jim Geraghty

Senator Chris Murphy, Connecticut Democrat, April 11, 2013:

The NRA’s Supposed Clout Is a Charade

He was right in one sense; the NRA doesn’t spend as much as its rivals. It just gets more for its money, it seems.

Above, the illustration on this morning.

The NRA spent $361,703 on the two recalls.

The Denver Post, yesterday:


Total raised: $540,000

Itemized donations in Colorado: $147,000

Itemized donations outside of Colorado: $368,000

Some top donors

•NRA: $360,000

•I Am Created Equal: $56,800

•Colorado Citizens Protecting Our Constitution: $29,800

•Victor Head, Pueblo resident: $5,800

•Dianna Harris, Colorado Springs resident: $4,500


Total raised: $3 million

Itemized donations in Colorado: $1.5 million

Itemized donations outside of Colorado: $1.5 million

Some top donors

•Taxpayers for Responsible Democracy: $620,000

•Michael Bloomberg: $350,000

•DLCC Unincorporated Individual Acct: $300,000

•Eli Broad: $250,000

•Mainstream Colorado: $211,800

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