Quite a Few States Still Looking for 1,000th Paid Enrollee

by Jim Geraghty

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After One Month, Quite a Few States Don’t Have 1,000 Paid Enrollees Yet

What a series of success stories!


A month after Oregon’s problem-plagued online health insurance marketplace has failed to enroll a single person, concerns are mounting that some of the most vulnerable Oregonians may face a break in coverage if they don’t enroll within the next month and a half.


Gov. Bill Haslam says the most recent figure the state has on Tennesseans successfully enrolling in the troubled federal health insurance exchange comes to just a few hundred, but the Republican isn’t sure whether or not he erred by refusing to create the state’s own online marketplace.

“The last time I heard the number was something in the low hundreds — 250 or 300” who successfully enrolled, Haslam told reporters today. “I do not have a new number on that. Obviously, that’s been disappointing for everybody.”


Nearly one month after the federally run health insurance marketplace launched, just 35 Alaskans have been able to sign up for plans.


At 5,000 monthly, that would still leave Your Health Idaho10,000 people short. So far, fewer than 100 have managed to buy a policy, board members have estimated, in part because the exchange is using the glitch-plagued federal data hub based in Washington, D.C., that’s hampered efforts to sign up and browse insurance plans.


Jerry Dworak, the CEO at the Montana Health Co-op, said a little more than 30 applications have successfully made it through healthcare.gov from people looking to buy plans from the co-op.


“Since the site opened Oct. 1, it appears fewer than 100 Nebraskans have been able to finish the online application process and purchase health insurance plans.”

South Dakota:

“Avera reports 26 new customers since the marketplace opened Oct. 1. Sanford has six. Dakotacare has none.”

The District of Columbia:

“164 individuals or families have finished signing up and requested an invoice, according to new data released by the exchange.”


Since the MNsure website was launched Oct. 1 as part of federal health reforms, accounts have been created by 12,011 people — some with chronic illnesses and a desperate need for health insurance. Only 5,569 of those have finished applications, with 3,769 enrolling in various plans. And only 406 have completed the purchase of private plans on the site; most were eligible for public programs such as Medicaid.

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