Cuccinelli Camp: We See a Toss-Up in the Exit Polls

by Jim Geraghty

With 40 minutes until the polls close, the Cuccinelli campaign sent out this message:

We’re seeing some of the Exit Polls say this race is a complete toss up.

If you haven’t voted yet, you have to be in line at your precinct by 7pm. As long as you are in line, you can vote.

Make sure everyone in your family has voted.

Make sure all of your friends have voted.

Please post on Facebook or Tweet that you are supporting my campaign and remind your social network to go vote.

We can win this race and we have till 7pm to make it happen.


That message could be a last-minute effort to keep the get-out-the-vote effort working until the polls close. Or perhaps Cuccinelli is outperforming the final polls that showed him trailing by 2 to 12 percentage points. Anecdotal evidence suggests low turnout, and it’s conceivable that the Obamacare debacle may have soured Virginians on Democrats in recent days.

Exit polling indicates voters are narrowly opposed to Obamacare:

UPDATE: I guess it depends upon how you define “too close to call.” The networks haven’t called the race, but networks said the early returns pointed to a finish of 50 percent for McAuliffe, 43 percent for Cuccinelli, and 7 percent for Sarvis.

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