Shocker: 58 Percent Say They Trust GOP More on Handling Health Care

by Jim Geraghty

The lead in today’s Morning Jolt:

Shocker: 58% Say They Trust Republicans More on Handling Health Care

A new poll arrived in my e-mailbox this morning, indicating how quickly the conventional wisdom about the issue of health care has been turned upside down:

Loyalty prevails among partisans, but among independents, 42 percent trust the Democratic Party more when it comes to handling healthcare compared with 58 percent who trust the Republican Party more. . . . 

Forty one percent of registered voters approve of the law compared with 53 percent who disapprove. . . . 

Since September, Democrats have shifted 11 points away from let the law take effect as is, Independents have moved 10 points away from let the law take effect as is, and Republicans are 10 points more likely to support repealing law. . . . 

One in five registered voters have or know someone who has received an insurance cancellation notice. . . . 

Sixty-five percent are more likely to agree with a statement that cancellation notices show President Obama has broken his promise that Americans can keep their current insurance, while 35 percent say the notices will improve policies by requiring them to meet minimum standards.

(Notice this pollster doesn’t allow the option of “don’t know.” Interesting what happens when you push people off the fence.)

Twelve percent of voters say these notices are the single most important issue in their 2014 vote, 57 percent say it’s one of the most important.

This figure is pretty stunning: Among Democrats, 22 percent say Obama deserves “a lot” of the blame for insurance cancellations, 45 percent say “some,” and 33 percent say “none.” Among Republicans it splits 80 percent “a lot”, 18 percent “some”, and 3 percent “none” — yes, it comes to 101 percent, so I presume some figure is rounded up. Among independents, 59 percent say Obama deserves “a lot” of the blame, 30 percent say “some,” and only 11 percent say “none.”

Obama gets the most blame for the cancellations, then Congressional Democrats, then insurance companies, and Congressional Republicans get the least blame:

Today’s Jolt also includes the three discussions that the country always has about John F. Kennedy, and a short summary of last night’s fun here in Boston.

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