Running for Reelection, With Massive Failure in the Foreground

by Jim Geraghty

Out in Oregon, the state health-insurance exchange, Cover Oregon, continues to set the standard for epic failure for the rest of the country. The website hasn’t worked, does not work today, and isn’t expected to work until after New Year’s Day. State administrators continue to encourage people to use paper; an entire 219 people have signed up for private insurance through the exchange. The state director resigned to go on medical leave. For the quarter ending Sept. 30, Cover Oregon’s information-technology costs were $25 million over budget. The project has cost $140 million so far.

Cover Oregon must rank among the biggest failures of any state-government program in U.S. history.

Naturally, Governor John Kitzhaber, a Democrat, announced he’s running for reelection yesterday, crediting himself with “restoring civility and rebuilding the political center.”

Two Republicans have announced bids for governor: Jon Justesen and state representative Dennis Richardson.

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