Obama, Planning on a Big Weekend of Watching Television

by Jim Geraghty

How are you spending your weekend? If you plan on watching some TV, you’re not alone, according to the New York Times:

PRESIDENT OBAMA’S WEEKEND, per NYT’s Mike Shear: “The leader of the free world is looking forward to binge-watching DVDs of his latest favorite television show: HBO’s edgy new ‘True Detective’ series starring Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson. Mr. Obama made a point of approaching HBO’s chief executive, Richard Plepler, at the state dinner for France on Tuesday night. ‘Where is my True Detective and Game of Thrones?’ Mr. Obama asked Mr. Plepler as he told him that the coming weekend would be a good time to have the DVDs. . . . He is known to favor dark dramas. . . . Obama waved over one of his aides to make sure that Mr. Plepler knew where to send the DVDs to ensure they would make it through White House security and end up in the president’s hands.”

Enjoy, Mr. President.

In other news, the Saudis are giving mobile anti-aircraft missiles to the Syrian rebels . . . 

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