Clinton Family Branches Out into Marital Advice

by Jim Geraghty

Fresh off her appearance at the South by Southwest festival as a keynote speaker urging Silicon Valley to take a larger role in “changing the world,” Chelsea Clinton made an appearance offering tips on how to keep a marriage healthy and strong. She married Marc Mezvinsky in the summer of 2010.

“Even when I’m working very hard and my husband, Marc, is working very hard, we prioritize time together,” Clinton said during a segment of “Mondays with Marlo,” hosted by actress and activist Marlo Thomas.

“Sometimes that means there are weeks where we don’t really see our friends, but we ensure that every week at least we have one date night. And we ensure that if we’re really tired one night, we don’t talk about our days. That’s OK, but we never have two days where we don’t talk about our days.”

Perhaps if her mother runs for president, she will propose a national federal system of subsidized babysitters, available once per week.

Earlier this year I lamented “our political celebrities’ handlers’ insistence, and our acquiescence to the notion, that they’re worth listening to on all topics, including those far from their stated area of expertise, and celebrating of them relentlessly.” But I suppose you could apply that to any lifestyle advice from wealthy celebrities.


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