CoverOregon, More Expensive Than Most NHL Franchises

by Jim Geraghty

CoverOregon, the state insurance exchange up in Oregon that will not be functional until open enrollment ends at the end of this month, “has been earmarked for more than $300 million in funding, much of which has come from the federal government.”

For perspective on that sum, for less than $300 million, a state could have purchased any one of the 22 least expensive National Hockey League franchises, based upon Forbes’s estimate of their value in 2012.

But by some measures, it is a bargain.

Back in December, Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius said the information-technology costs for the website totaled $677 million. For that amount of money, taxpayers could have purchased the Detroit Tigers ($643 million) or any one of 18 other Major League Baseball clubs.