Obama, 2009: The Chevy Cobalt Is a
‘Well-Engineered, Safe’ ‘Car of the Future’

by Jim Geraghty

President Obama, speaking at the General Motors Lordstown Assembly Plant in Warren, Ohio, September 15, 2009:

Today, you made, by the way, some more good news: I understand that the one-millionth Cobalt rolled off the assembly line late last night. So I don’t want to just congratulate you, I want to thank you. You’re doing your part to move us forward and make sure that the high-quality, well-engineered, safe and fuel-efficient cars of the future will be built where they’ve always have been built — right here in Ohio, right across the Midwest, right here in the United States of America.

All Chevy Cobalts produced between 2005 and 2010 are being recalled.

ABOVE: President Obama, saluting the Chevy Cobalt as
one of the “high-quality, well-engineered, safe and
fuel-efficient cars of the future,” September 15, 2009.

At the time of Obama’s speech at the GM plant, saluting the Cobalt, GM engineers knew the cars were unsafe, according to the New York Times:

Any doubts were laid to rest among engineers at General Motors about a dangerous and faulty ignition switch. At a meeting on May 15, 2009, they learned that data in the black boxes of Chevrolet Cobalts confirmed a potentially fatal defect existed in hundreds of thousands of cars.

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