No, No! Wendy Davis Can’t Collapse Yet!

by Jim Geraghty

On Twitter, there’s quite a bit of conservative chuckling about national Democrats’ writing off their gubernatorial candidate, Wendy Davis:

Wendy Davis dissed her own party for ditching her campaign for Texas Governor.

The feisty Democratic candidate called the head of the Democratic Governors Association “uninformed” and a “Washington, D.C., desk jockey,” after he admitted the party was unlikely to win against Republican Greg Abbott in Texas. DGA Chairman and Vermont Gov. Peter Shumlin failed to include the Texas gubernatorial race in the group’s list of priority races.

But there’s one big problem for Republicans if indeed Davis is getting the scent of “disaster” around her: it’s way too early! Republicans needed her to be sucking up Democratic donors’ dollars all year long. If the perception grows that she was always a serious underdog, and is losing ground because of an unfocused campaign with implausible messages . . . donors may turn their attention to other races where Democrats have better odds and their donation might make a difference.

Don’t give up hope, Wendy Davis supporters! Keep writing those checks!

Don’t pay attention to the above numbers, Democrats! Wendy Davis is doing fine!

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