Obama: Vote Out Minimum Wage Hike Opponents! Let’s Start With Three . . .

by Jim Geraghty

President Obama, yesterday:

If your member of Congress doesn’t support raising the minimum wage, you’ve got to let them know they’re out of step, and that if they keep putting politics ahead of working Americans, you’ll put them out of office.

Does that apply to the three House Democrats who voted against it who are up for reelection this year? John Barrow of Georgia, Colin Peterson of Minnesota, and Kurt Schrader of Oregon all voted “no” last month, and the DCCC is pulling out all the stops to ensure Barrow, Peterson, and Schrader are reelected.

Jim Matheson of Utah, Mike McIntyre of North Carolina, and Bill Owens of New York also voted against the minimum-wage hike, but they will not be seeking another term.

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