Clay Aiken: Not Really Following the VA Scandal

by Jim Geraghty

Resolved: Any candidate for federal office who says he “hasn’t paid attention” to the VA scandal at this late date must be defeated in November.

This means you, former American Idol near-winner Clay Aiken, hoping to represent North Carolina’s second congressional district. Appearing on the Today show this morning, Aiken was asked if he thinks Secretary Shinseki should resign. “I think we have a lot of people who are making decisions without being in the room,” he answered. “I’m not going to be one of those folks who wasn’t in the hearings, hasn’t paid attention to those details and wasn’t privy to that stuff in making decisions for that.”

He also helpfully says he thinks the VA “should be possibly not in the health-care business so much, as in the veterans-care business, and taking care of the needs of veterans.”

Way to dispel the notion that you’re an uninformed music star who’s hoping to turn his fading music fame into a congressional seat, pal.

Incumbent Renee Ellmers is a favorite in this Republican-leaning district.

Hat tip: Ace.

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