The Mysterious ‘Only 8 Left in Stock’ Warning

by Jim Geraghty

Has anyone else ever had an “Only a few left in stock!” warning for a book on Amazon pop up on some computers but not on others? As mentioned in today’s Jolt, this weekend, my in-laws’ computer indicated that Amazon was running out of copies . . . but that seems really hard to believe just based upon pre-orders. The same warning didn’t show up on my computer:

I understand Amazon is having some dispute with some publishers — I don’t think Crown Forum/Random House is among those in the fight, but then again, nobody ever tells me anything. Anyway, I hope you are able to get your copy in a timely fashion, and please let me know if you have any issues. (Not that I have that much any leverage over this. Perhaps I’ll just call you up and read you my copy out loud.)

Anyway, considering the storm clouds on the horizon on with this Amazon–publisher thing . . . perhaps it’s best if you order while you can.

You knew this sales pitch was coming. $13 cover price, $10.09 on Amazon — don’t ask me why it shifted up a few cents in the past few days — $10.09 on Nook, and as of late Sunday night, $7.99 on Kindle. For you Canadians, it’s $9.99 on Kobo.

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