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Apparently, Big Executive Raises During Mass Layoffs Are Cool Now.


Jim Galloway of the Atlanta Journal Constitution comes to the rescue of Georgia Democratic Senate nominee Michelle Nunn, responding “so what?” to Nunn’s dramatic salary increases as her nonprofit and the other nonprofit it merged with shed more than half their staffers.

This is how he describes her salary changes, “Her paycheck grew, shrank, then grew again – all with the rhythms of the economy.” In 2010, her salary was $197,506; in 2011, $322,056 in total compensation, with a base compensation of $285,533.

Do you remember the a giant booming economy and huge wage growth of 2011? Me either. 

The Nunn campaign claims this week’s post was a “distortion,” even though all of the figures come from the organization’s official Form 990 documents. 

So increasing executive pay while laying off staffers is cool now, huh?


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