Carly Fiorina’s New Effort to Find Women Voters for the GOP

by Jim Geraghty

Carly Fiorina, former CEO of Hewlett-Packard and former GOP Senate candidate, has a new rallying cry: “We need to name and to shame every Democratic candidate or group that uses this dishonest, divisive rhetoric in the service of defending terrible policies that leave women out of work, or underemployed.”

Her new Unlocking Potential Project “seeks to invest in a robust and aggressive grassroots organizing operation that will train activists, deploy field staff, and utilize the best technologies to identify, persuade and turnout voters in 2014.”

The game plan is for a hands-on approach: “Having studied some of the most aggressive field operations of recent campaigns, we have concluded that a robust investment in a field program that prizes a genuine dialog with voters over a contact based approach will yield dividends for our candidates. Personal interactions, face-to-face, person-to-person interactions are one of the most effective ways to grow a party and turnout the vote — and we don’t do enough of it.” Some may scoff at a losing Senate candidate launching a new voter outreach program, but Fiorina can brag she achieved something not many Republicans have done — persuade 4.2 million people to vote for her in 2010. Of course, 10 million Californians voted in the Senate race that year.

Meanwhile, the New York Daily News noticed that Hillary Clinton’s new book is almost indistinguishable in its design from Fiorina’s book from a few years ago:


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