Judge Tosses GreenTech Lawsuit Against Watchdog.org

by Jim Geraghty

Good news for the good folks at the Franklin Center and Watchdog.org:

A U.S. judge in Mississippi on Thursday threw out an $85-million lawsuit in which an electric car company founded by Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe alleged Watchdog.org had libeled the firm.

Judge Michael P. Mills said GreenTech Automotive failed to prove his Mississippi court had jurisdiction over Watchdog.org’s parent, Virginia-based Franklin Center, and Watchdog’s Virginia reporter, Kenric Ward.

The judge’s order noted that Watchdog’s “articles were not aimed at Mississippi” or even GreenTech itself.

“The articles were aimed at McAuliffe and his bid to become Governor of Virginia, and McAuliffe sustained the ‘brunt of the harm’ of the published articles while GreenTech allegedly suffered from the residuary effects of the articles,” Mills said.

McAuliffe, of course, will have to console himself with the governorship for the next three and a half years.

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