Obama Hits 36 Percent Approval in Ohio, 31 Percent National Approval on Immigration

by Jim Geraghty

From the Thursday edition of the Morning Jolt:

Yes, Even More New Lows for President Obama’s Polling Numbers.

Good morning, Mr. President! Let’s see what Quinnipiac has to say about Ohio . . . 

Ohio voters give President Barack Obama a negative 36 – 59 percent job approval rating today, close to his all-time low score in any of the nine states surveyed by Quinnipiac University

Elsewhere . . . are we sure President Obama wants to implement a unilateral de facto amnesty by executive order?

Immigration has emerged as perhaps President Obama’s worst issue — definitely for today, and maybe of his entire presidency — when it comes to public perception.

A new poll from AP-GfK shows more than two-thirds of Americans (68 percent) disapprove of Obama’s handling of the immigration issue in general. Just 31 percent approve — down from 38 percent two months ago.

When you separate;those most passionate about the issue, the difference is even more stark, with 57 percent opposed and just 18 percent in favor. That’s more than three-to-one.

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