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Could Gene Taylor Slip Up Because of the Gulf Oil Spill?


At some point in the not-too-distant future, I’ll rank the 99 races I listed earlier today. One of the tougher incumbents for Republicans to dislodge will be Gene Taylor of Mississippi. But even eleven-term incumbents step in it sometimes.

The liberals at ThinkProgress are up in arms about Taylor declaring:

What I want people to know is this isn’t Katrina. This is not Armageddon. I did this for the Coast Guard many years ago. Yeah, it’s bad. And it’s terrible that there’s a spill out there. But I would remind people that the oil is twenty miles from any marsh. . . . That chocolate milk looking spill starts breaking up in smaller pieces . . . It is tending to break up naturally.

“Armageddon” is a high bar to meet, but this spill is looking pretty bad:

BP officials Tuesday told congressional representatives that the Gulf of Mexico oil spill could grow at a rate more than 10 times current estimates in a worst-case scenario – greatly enlarging the potential scope of the disaster.

Most of the handful of congressional Democrats and Republicans who met with representatives from BP, Transocean Ltd. and Halliburton in a closed-door briefing on Capitol Hill walked away unimpressed.

A source who attended the meeting said that the companies’ representatives had a “deer in headlights” look and that the tenor of the conversation was that the firms “are attempting to solve a problem which they have never had to solve before at this depth . . . at this scope of disaster. They essentially said as much.”

A Gulf Coast congressman argues that the “chocolate milk-like” oil spill will tend to “break up naturally.” There’s got to be an opening for his GOP challenger there . . .

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