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Crist Ahead? Meek at 17? Scott Rasmussen, What Are You Telling Us?


This result from Rasmussen surprises me on two levels:

A new Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of Likely Florida Voters finds Crist earning 38% support to Republican Marco Rubio’s 34% and Democrat Kendrick Meek’s 17%.

One: Crist went up 16 percentage points from Rasmussen’s mid-March as an independent? Really? And Rubio lost 8 percentage points?

Two: Kendrick Meek is really only pulling 17 percent? He’s polled badly in the hypothetical three-way matchup before, but never this badly.

Put another way, Meek is only 17 points ahead of the Democrat running against South Dakota incumbent Republican John Thune. You know, State Senator Nobody from Nowhere who’s polling at zero.

We’ll have to see if other pollsters see what Rasmussen sees.

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