Witnessing Election Shenanigans? There’s an App for That.

by Jim Geraghty

Catherine Engelbrecht of True the Vote, appearing on NRANews.com on Monday, said:

Our election system presumes honorable activity, and it presumes ethical behavior [among participants]. . . . As you look at some groups have intentionally subverted the process, like ACORN, these elections can be won and lost by these special interest groups exploiting the weaknesses. If citizens don’t show up, then the process goes to those who show up. And unfortunately it’s these special interest groups with interests beyond making sure the people’s voices are heard.

Engelbrecht urged people concerned about voter fraud to volunteer as poll workers whenever possible, although the deadline to perform that role on this Election Day has passed in most or all localities.

Her organization has unveiled the VoteStand app to report incidents of voter fraud, electioneering in polling places, or other suspicious behavior at polling place across the country.

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