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Easy on the Eyes, Hard on the State’s Job Market


A few readers report trouble getting the Morning Jolt; I pass along every complaint to the powers that be so that Chaka can be appropriately disciplined. But one reader said it was running into his spam filter, since it’s a big e-mail that’s sent out from one source to a whole lot of people. So if you’re supposed to be receiving it, and haven’t, I would check out that angle . . .

From this morning’s Jolt, in the section about Supreme Court nominee speculation:

Somehow Governor Jennifer Granholm, last seen turning the state of Michigan into Bartertown, is still being mentioned as a possible Supreme Court nominee. Crain’s Detroit Business: “With Friday’s news that U.S. Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens is retiring comes speculation whether Washington will again consider Gov. Jennifer Granholm for the post. Term-limited Granholm was on a short list of candidates being vetted by the White House at this same time last year, before the May nomination of current Justice Sonia Sotomayor. Granholm deputy press secretary Megan Brown declined to comment Friday on whether the White House has again contacted the governor, who departed Friday on a trade mission to Italy and Germany along with Michigan Economic Development Corp. President Greg Main. ’The governor has maintained that to be nominated by the president to serve on the Supreme Court would be a privilege, but there are many worthy potential nominees, and this is a process that begins and ends with the White House,’ Brown said in a statement.”

Nominating Jennifer Granholm would be the inverse of court-packing; within a few years of her having a hand in running the court, the Supremes would be announcing layoffs and job losses.

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