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In Indiana, the Campaign Ads Begin


Indiana has a slew of vulnerable Democrats in its House delegation, but Joe Donnelly hasn’t gotten as much attention as Baron Hill or Senate candidate Brad Ellsworth (D-Quixote).

The woman who is probably most likely to take on Donnelly is taking to the airwaves already:

Jackie Walorski begins running TV ads this week, starting with “a positive message,” aimed not at primary election opponents but at defining herself before the opposition defines her in a different way in a heated fall election campaign.

Walorski, a Republican state representative who suits tea party activists to a “T,” is challenging Congressman Joe Donnelly, a Blue Dog Democratic moderate traveling in the potentially dangerous middle ground, in Indiana’s 2nd District.

While Walorski has opponents for the Republican nomination for Congress — three of them — only one, Bremen School Board President Jack Jordan, seeking to provide a “non-politician” alternative, is a serious contender. One of the others, Martin Dolan, endorsed Jordan after complaining that GOP leaders were stacking the deck for Walorski. The other is Tony Zirkle, a candidate who pops up each spring like crab grass.

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