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Does Alan Grayson Even Care if He Gets Reelected?


Alan Grayson is not likely to remain in Congress very long; he represents a district that Obama won with 52 percent last year, but the district has a Cook Partisan Index of R+2.

Still even by the standards of political rookies, the idea of crashing a meeting of local Republicans and accusing them of spying on a Democratic grassroots group – in full view of phone cameras – is astonishingly unwise; he then gets offended that one of the Republicans interrupts his denunciation of the group; he then mocks one of the Republicans, a mayoral candidate, by saying he’ll be lucky to get 5 percent of the vote.

Oh, I’m sure a few rah-rah Daily Kos types outside the district will write some checks, as they’ve always wanted a Democratic congressman who could mix Kanye West’s respect for decorum with George Brett’s temper control, but I can’t see how this helps him with anybody in the district who wasn’t already in his corner. (And perhaps even some Grayson supporters cringe at watching the man they voted for barging in uninvited and  bellowing boorishly.)

Never mind whether Grayson is a good representative; he seems . . . not entirely there, no?

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