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Even Mao Would Say, ‘Hey, Pal, Leave Them Wanting More’


Since becoming president, Obama has appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and The Late Show with David Letterman, taped a question-and-answer promoting Conan O’Brien’s transition to The Tonight Show, taped a promotion for George Lopez, taped a video for The Colbert Report, taped a prime-time special with Oprah, been the subject of an NBC News prime-time special, been the subject of an HBO documentary, grilled with Food Network star Bobby Flay, popped up in commercials during Thanksgiving football, and filled out his NCAA basketball tournament picks on ESPN and now, American Idol. (Again.)

And he “would love” to appear on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

One of my favorite subjects of Jay Nordlinger’s writing is the rapid destruction of “politics-free zones” in American life. We’re also rapidly losing any corner of American culture where Dear Leader doesn’t pop up. He’s making Taylor Swift look obscure.

Again, note that the only time Obama didn’t show up on our televisions was the three days after somebody tried to blow up a plane over Detroit.

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