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Does Hawaii Want a Congressman Who Opposes Tax Hikes? Well, Yeah.


Wow, this is lame. The DCCC is getting involved in Hawaii’s special House election, except that the Republican candidate, Charles Djou, is about as menacing as a Care Bear. So their line of attack is . . . for signing a pledge not to raise taxes. Djou signed the Americans for Tax Reform’s Taxpayer Protection Pledge, stating that he opposes any net reduction or elimination of deductions and credits, unless matched dollar-for-dollar by further reducing tax rates.

The DCCC contends Djou is “protecting tax breaks for companies that send jobs overseas.” And every other company, and every other individual. You might as well argue he is protecting tax breaks for serial killers, too. (Somewhere at the DCCC, some underling is reading the above sentence and jumping up: “Boss, I just read this great idea!”)

By the way, that’s it. That’s all the DCCC puts in the ad, and their extraordinarily sparse “Djou Facts” site. Djou’s been a Honolulu city councilman, and you figure at some point he might have made an unpopular vote, but if that’s the case, Washington Democrats can’t find any.

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