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What, No Questions for Gibbs From Carville or Begala?


Mediaite offers the summary:

At today’s White House press briefing, liberal radio host Bill Press asked Press Secretary Robert Gibbs about recent comments by CNN’s Erick Erickson. Specifically, he asked if Erickson’s threat to “pull (his) wife’s shotgun” on a census worker had caused concerns about security for census takers.

Erick and the gang argue that that’s a deliberate misreading of his comments, which can be heard here in their entirety. In short, he joked he would pull a shotgun on anyone who theatened to arrest him for refusing to answer a question about how many times he flushes his toilet each day.

I would just note that Bill Press is currently a talking head and talk-radio host, but he rose to that position after serving as chairman of the California Democratic party from 1993 to 1996.

In other words, former Democratic state-party chairs now get to ask questions of the press secretary of a Democratic president at the White House press briefing.

It’s a free country, and Gibbs can answer any questions he likes. But could we put the former paid political staff at the back of the line? A few years back, weren’t we assured that Jeff Gannon’s questions represented the most outragously outrageous outrage ever?

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