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Charlie Crist Really Is Leading in Florida, Huh.


Yesterday I wondered if a Rasmussen poll in Florida’s Senate race showing Charlie Crist leading with 38 percent, Marco Rubio at 34 percent, and Kendrick Meek at 17 percent could be somehow off-kilter.

Now Mason-Dixon, one of the pollsters I trust most, offers similar numbers: Crist 38, Rubio 32, Meek 19.

As a Rubio fan, this isn’t what I want to see. But I can’t help but wonder if there’s a valid comparison to the other prominent NRSC endorsee who left the party, Arlen Specter. Specter led his Democratic primary by a wide margin for quite a while, while Joe Sestak kept his powder dry. Then Sestak started running ads, voters started paying more attention as the primary approached, and then POOF! Specter’s lead – driven, I suspect, by higher name identification – was gone.

By the way, remember when Democrats thought the big winner in Crist’s departure would be Meek?

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