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This Is Not the Right Year to Switch Parties Because of Bad Polls


I suspect Charlie Crist flipping to independent would work the wonders for him that switching to the Democrats has done for Arlen Specter. Since December, in poll match-ups with Pat Toomey, Specter has trailed by 4, tied, trailed by 9, trailed by 14, trailed by 9, and trailed by 10.

“I’m leaving the party I’ve spent my entire political career in, based on the high-minded principle that these fools won’t vote for me.”

Rep. Parker Griffith of Alabama, who switched from the Democratic party to the GOP, has a rough road ahead, too.

UPDATE: I’m a wee bit less inclined to tear apart the National Republican Senatorial Committee than the next rightie, but two of the NRSC’s early picks this cycle have been Arlen Specter and Charlie Crist. Appalling judgment.

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