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Two New Mexico House Seats to Watch


PPP takes a look at some House races in New Mexico, and finds one GOP challenger in good shape to knock off a Democrat incumbent: Steve Pearce “leads [Democrat Harry] Teague 43-41 at this point. Pearce wins over more Democrats (18%) than Teague does Republicans (14%) and also has a 51-41 advantage with independents.”

Maybe it’s just a rough year to be a Democrat named Harry in the West.

In another district, Martin Heinrich “is in pretty solid shape, leading Jon Barela 45-36. He actually trails 44-31 with independents, but picks up basically the same share of the Democratic vote (73%) that Barela does of the Republican vote (74%). In a district with a heavy Democratic lean that’s enough for the early lead.”

Obviously, Pearce is in a good spot. Barela has a tougher road, but I like any GOP candidate who can win the independent vote healthily. It’s a D+5 district, which is a challenge but not that overwhelming.

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