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Believe Me, Heath Shuler Knows About an Inability to Pass



[Heath] Shuler, a Democrat representing the 11th District in Western North Carolina, leads the 54-member Blue Dog coalition of conservative Democrats. He’s also a former NFL quarterback, thus his comments to The Daily Caller’s Jon Ward:

“I was actually surprised that they’re pushing it again. The most important thing is jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs. We need to focus on jobs. . . . I don’t think a comprehensive bill can pass. . . . I hate to use a football analogy, but first downs are a lot better than throwing the bomb route or the Hail Mary.”

Of course, as Redskins fans know, Heath Shuler tended to get sacked whether he threw for the first down or the Hail Mary. One of my favorite faux-attack ads from Heath Shuler’s 2006 campaign for Congress:

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