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Maybe They All Went to Work at the White House


The Center for Responsive Politics analysis reveals:

In all, federal lobbyists’ clients spent more than $3.47 billion last year, often driven to Washington, D.C.’s power centers and halls of influence by political issues central to the age: health care reform, financial reform, energy policy. That figure represents a more than 5 percent increase over $3.3 billion worth of federal lobbying recorded in 2008, the previous all-time annual high for lobbying expenditures.

But this is what jumped out at me:

In a seemingly counterintuitive development, the number of companies or entities that reported lobbying the federal government in 2009 (15,712) increased slightly from the year before (15,049). But the number of actual, registered federal lobbyists decreased, falling to 13,742 in 2009 from 14,442 in 2008.

Potential reasons for this phenomenon include some lobbyists effectively “deregistering” as lobbyists while still continuing to work in the business of political influence.

Man, this administration can’t even create or save jobs for lobbyists.

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