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A Brief Obama Bravo, But I Hope We’re Ready for the Dali Fallout


While its earlier snubbing of the Dalai Lama still rankles, the Obama administration deserves some credit for finally scheduling a meeting with the Tibetan spiritual leader for February 18. The Chinese government is displeased; hopefully the Obama camp will not fold.

Nonetheless, because of the U.S. government debt the Chinese hold, there is a nagging sense that we’re in a weak position on this, and that sooner or later they’ll have enough economic leverage to get veto power over the president’s meeting schedule. Considering how much the Chinese love to fight in cyberworld — ask Google — I hope the Cyber Czar is up and running at full speed, since it took the better part of a year to fill the position.

Particularly since there’s word that “Agent Butterstick” has returned to be debriefed . . .

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