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A High-Caliber Candidate


My kind of fundraiser:

A man from Cumberland County who’s running for Congress has his campaign locked-and-loaded.

Tim D’Annunzio – a former paratrooper – is a 30 year Raeford resident and conservative Republican running for the 8th District Congress seat currently held by Representative Larry Kissel.

Thursday night he held a fundraiser in Fayetteville at Jim’s Guns. For a $25 donation, participants shot off MP-5s and Uzis. They also got a Carolina bar-b-que plate and sweet tea.

“It was awesome, it was great,” Raeford resident Denyse Leake said.

More than 50 people showed up and registered for door prizes, which included an AR-15 machine gun.

“They are as fired up as they can be and as fired up as I’ve ever seen them,” D’Annunzio said.

The man he seeks to replace, Larry Kissell, was elected in 2008, and was rated a B- by the NRA. This is a nominally Republican North Carolina district (PVI: R+2).

UPDATE: Quite a few readers point out that AR-15s are not machine guns. But come on, man, you can’t expect the media to know about guns.

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