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Maybe the Post’s Sample Is Frozen, Like Everything Else in Washington


My reader code-named Number-Cruncher takes issue with the latest poll offering from the Washington Post:

I love reading polls, specifically partisan polls. This latest from the Washington Post is a sampling embarrassment.   Rather than bore you with a long e-mail, here is the bottom line:   Washington Post used the following sample:   Democrats 32 Republicans 23 Independent/Other 38/7 Total 45   Compare that to the 2008 exit Polls   Democrats 39 Republicans 32 Independent/Other 29   So let me get this straight the electorate consists of 1.28 Democrats for every Republican in January of 2010 when in November 2008 that ratio was 1.21.  Said another way, if this poll were indicative of reality, the current landscape is even BETTER for Democrats now than it was in November of 2008. Of course, If that kind of sampling is what it will take to keep Obama over 50%, Obama’s got serious problems!   Democrats can point to this poll all they want (reminds me of how some of us were grasping at straws only 15 months ago with McCain . . . remember Zogby showing the race within 2 or 3 over the weekend?). Truth be told this is a ridiculous poll, and should not be trusted. Any national poll that indicates a sampling of more Democrats today as compared to 2008 exit polls should be tossed out.
Of course, as Ed Morrissey notes, by the standards of the Washington Post, this is a pretty good sample.

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