Coakley to Fundraisers: ‘If I Don’t Win, 2010 Is Going to Be Hell for Democrats.’

by Jim Geraghty

One of the Campaign Spot’s multitude of spies — yes, we have a separate Directorate of Intelligence — infiltrated Martha Coakley’s fundraiser in Washington, D.C., tonight.

My spy passes along word that Coakley herself fired up the crowd with this inspiring line: “If I don’t win, 2010 is going to be hell for Democrats . . . Every Democrat will have a competitive race.”

Her defeat was also described as “Waterloo for health care.”

My spy also tells me Rep. Ed Markey* implied Scott Brown is a cross-dresser.

* This originally said Rep. Michael Capuano. Because let’s face it, congressmen from Massachusetts — all but one middle-aged to elderly white males — pretty much look alike.

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