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What Makes Rush Great Goes Well Beyond What He Says


Just a note to add to the get-well-Rush comments in the Corner . . . When the Kerry Spot, this blog’s predecessor, got rolling, Rush sent me an e-mail saying “good job.” When I came across news that I thought was worthwhile, I would send it to him, and he would often talk about it on his show, bringing it to the attention of millions, and mention NRO and myself. He didn’t have to do those sorts of things, but he did.

When I wrote my book, he agreed to blurb it. When I was on my book tour, he had me on his program, an amazing honor. Didn’t have to do it, but he did. When we disagreed a few years back, he did it with force, conviction, and yet respect and a fantastically civil tone. Didn’t have to do it — many others haven’t — but he did.

He didn’t have to do any of those things; he was the biggest thing in radio when I was still in high school. Decades later, he’s still the biggest thing in radio, and when you get that big, the demands on your time and attention are enormous. Yet he’s still astoundingly generous with his time, a kind word, a shout-out on his program, and a million other little gestures. My editor at Simon & Schuster remarked at the number of up-and-coming right-of-center types who credit Rush for a key bit of help along the way in their careers — to say nothing of all the folks who get interested in politics and conservatism because of him.

Lots of folks on the left hate Rush because of his politics, and never even think of him as a person. Obviously, millions of Americans tune in to Rush for his politics, but I suspect that if he had spent the past 25 years talking about nothing but golf, football, and cigars, he would still be a great success and widely beloved, because of the kind of person he is.

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