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Who Was Pushing Obama for a Response in the First 24 Hours?


Ed Morrissey notes Maureen Dowd ripping Obama:

In his usual inspiring/listless cycle, he once more appeared chilly in his response to the chilling episode on Flight 253, issuing bulletins through his press secretary and hitting the links. At least you have to seem concerned . . . Heck of a job, Barry.

It’s typical out-of-touch dismissal of legitimate concerns for our friends on the left to declare that only partisan Republicans are displeased with the White House’s response to a near-disaster. The New York Daily News editorial board’s words are pretty strong, and this cryptic line from Time magazine suggest that plenty of Democrats were not happy with President Obama’s quiet response: “There is some evidence that Democratic partisans were privately pleading with the White House to say something after 24 hours.”

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