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Beam Him Up . . . Back to Congress?


Some Ohio House race is about to get a whole lot wilder:

“I’m going to run,” Traficant declared before some 35 members of The Biz Society assembled at the Rosetta Stone restaurant downtown to launch the group’s Youngstown chapter.

Traficant said he still isn’t sure which district he’ll throw his hat in, but he has nominating petitions circulating in three congressional districts — the 17th, the 6th and the 16th. And, the former congressman noted he hasn’t decided on whether to run as a Democrat, a Republican, an independent, or perhaps on another party ticket.

Needless to say, Traficant probably complicates things for any other candidate in these races, as I’m sure he still has something of a fan base for his outsized personality and quirks. But until we know where he’s running and in which party, it’s hard to say who gets hindered the most by his bid.

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