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Does Anyone Look at TSA and Say, ‘These Guys Need to Be Unionized!’?


I realize the Examiner chain likes to use tons of contributors, but I wonder what the editors over there think of the guy who headlines his piece, “Senator Jim DeMint may have allowed suicide bomber on plane.”

This is over DeMint’s hold on Obama’s nomination to head the Transportation Security Administration. The moment anyone can show me that having Errol Southers in that office would have meant that a bomb-sniffing dog would have gone straight for the Undi-bomber’s crotch in the Amsterdam airport, I’ll change my mind.

DeMint’s objection, of couse, is about the possibility that Southers supports letting airport security screeners unionize.

Expanding on something I said on Twitter, does anyone standing in a labyrythine airport security line look at the TSA personnel and say, “Boy, all of this would go smoother if these guys were unionized?” As one of these guys is getting to third base on you, do you look at them and think, “Boy, if only they had the job protections and collective-bargaining rights that made America’s automakers the efficient, well-run economic powerhouses that they are today?”

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