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‘We See the Storm Coming.’


It’s not too early for television campaign ads, at least in New York’s 1st congressional district. Republican Randy Altschuler is already up on the air with an ad that notes Democratic incumbent Tim Bishop’s voting for a “$787 billion bailout plan.”

Altschuler: “I think we’re in a pivotal time in our country’s history.”

Announcer: Randy Altschuler, conservative businessman running for Congress.

Altschuler: “We see the storm coming. We’ve got higher property taxes, shenanigans in Albany, bailouts in Washington. So do we sail right into that storm, or do we try to find a new way to solve these problems? Tim Bishop is all about the old way: big government, more taxes, more spending. My top priority is to create a pro-growth environment, lower taxes, and more jobs. I’m Randy Altschuler, and I approved this message.”

In all of these House races, the specifics may differ, but the theme is going to be the same: The economy isn’t getting better, and the Democrats in Congress are out of control . . .

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