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This Guy Really Wants to Be President, Except When We Need Him to Be a President


Just to refresh, after letting us know what he thinks of the economy, of the methods of the Cambridge police department, of Urdu poetry, and of what George Lopez can bring to late-night television, and after hundreds of speeches and addresses and interviews and short remarks . . .

. . . the only time in his first year that the President of the United States has chosen not to speak to the American people for a 72-hour period is immediately after a terrorist set himself on fire on a passenger airline, and merely because of a malfunctioning detonator did we not see a horrific ignition of the PETN, “among the most powerful of explosives”, in an amount sufficient to bring down the plane.

In other words, at the exact moment when skeptics like myself are most ready to hear from him, eager to hear from him, and eager to know what, if anything, is needed from the citizenry at this moment, there was a “strategy” of keeping the president away from cameras . . . and golfing.

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