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Democrats, Looking Over Their Shoulders for Other Party-Switchers?


This is a rather amusing bit of fallout from the Parker Griffith party switch. Apparently there are some high-profile Republicans looking for other party-switchers:

Democratic Rep. Chris Carney [of Pennsylvania] received a phone call Wednesday from Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) asking him to consider becoming a Republican, a top GOP official told POLITICO.

Carney’s office at first did not comment other than to acknowledge the call, but Carney released a statement Wednesday night saying, in part, “I appreciate the Republican Party’s outreach, but I have no plans to change parties.”

Except the Republicans on the House side are putting a lot of work into getting a challenger to Carney, focusing on former U.S. Attorney Thomas Marino. County Commissioner Malcolm Derk is also running on the GOP side. As one put it to me, “We are more interested in beating Democrats than flipping them.”

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