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Some Chilly Poll Numbers in North Carolina Generate a Burr


A little while back, after I noted that Sen. Richard Burr, North Carolina Republican, had “meh” approval ratings but seemed to lead healthily in any head-to-head matchups with Democrats, a reader in Raleigh wrote in:

Regarding your comment about Richard Burr’s “Meh” approval ratings, may I suggest you dig a bit deeper. I admit I am a big Richard Burr fan. I have met him a few times and family members are in a position to know what many Democrats think of his effectiveness.

The issue with Sen. Burr’s approvals are that many people have no opinion (vs. negatives). The reason is that he focuses on his job and North Carolina. Almost uniformly, Mr. Burr is considered a very hard working senator who has one goal – to help his state and constituents. Just ask Mr. Bowles, who has all but endorsed him.

Sen. Burr’s Rasmussen shares have been above 50% for over three weeks now as he has gone on the air. In my humble opinion there is every reason to expect them to remain there. Richard is no Liddy Dole!

I think this reader is largely right, but Public Policy Polling finds his lead shrinking:

Burr is now in a near tie with Elaine Marshall and barely ahead of Cal Cunningham following the May 4 primary. Marshall now trails Burr only 43-42, versus 43-37 last month. Cunningham lags 44-39 after losing 43-35 in April. Marshall does slightly better with Democrats and independents and about the same with Republicans as Cunningham. North Carolina voters’ opinions of how Burr is handling his job inched upward from a negative 32-41 in early April to 37-40 now.

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